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    Sarah Stevens, M Worldwide Ltd

    I can confirm that we use Radford Press’s printing and finishing services for all our in-house and client printing.

    We have been and continue to be more than happy with their prices, the quality of their printing and the service levels which we receive. I am very happy to recommend them to you.

    Sarah Stevens, M Worldwide Ltd

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      Brochure Printing Company

      Owning a business can be a great source of pride and accomplishment, as well as a great way to earn a living, especially if the business is successful. One way to ensure that your business is as prosperous as possible is by properly advertising the services or products that you have to offer by using a well-established brochure printing company.

      If your proposed customers aren’t familiar with your business and don’t know what you have to offer, then your business is likely to struggle unless you find a way to reach people. Using brochures is an excellent way to educate prospective customers about your company. Not only can brochures thoroughly describe your business and everything it has to offer, but since it is printed material, there is a great chance that you will attract more customers as people who receive your advertisements can read and re-read them, increasing their chances of seeking your services or purchasing your products. One thing that you must keep in mind, however, is that finding the right brochure printing company is important. Here are some tips to make your search for the perfect provider easier:

      Brochure Printing UK - Choosing the Right Printing Company

      Research – even if a printing company has the absolute cheapest prices compared to others and you are on a tight budget, you want to ensure that you research the company carefully. If searching online does not yield any results then checking with former customers, if possible, might give you the information that you seek. You want to ensure that the brochure printing company you choose has a good reputation and is professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

      Get it in Writing – if you finally choose the brochure printing UK company and you’re given a quote, you need to request that it be put in writing if it’s not done automatically. If there is a dispute in the price of the services then you will have the ability to easily refer back to your contract.

      Don’t Make a Hasty Decision – if you’ve been researching brochure printing London companies and you have a deadline to meet, if necessary and if possible, you might want to extend your deadline. You want to ensure that you have enough time to make the best decision possible in regards to your advertisements, and as the old saying goes: “haste makes waste”, meaning that making a decision too rapidly without considering all aspects and all possible outcomes then in the event that things don’t go as anticipated, you could wind up being not only out of money, but also without the product that you ordered.

      Brochure Printing Can Drive Sales

      So if you plan to use brochures as a way of driving sales to your company, as long as you take the time necessary to choose the perfect printer then you should be well on your way to increasing your sales tremendously.

      For advice and expertise on Brochure Printing call Radford Press today on 020 8558 4814