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    Terry Stokes, Client Dining Co-ordinator, Deutsche Bank AG

    I have been using Radford Press for circa ten years and have always found the service from Rob very courteous and professional at all times. If we need last-minute printing Rob is always able to do this for us without any hesitation whatsoever. The final product is always exactly to our specification, and clients often favourably remark on this.

    Terry Stokes, Client Dining Co-ordinator, Deutsche Bank AG

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      Business Card Printing Tips & Guidelines

      When it comes to designing and business card printing, there are many factors that need to be thoroughly considered. After all, if there is insufficient planning, then your business cards won't look the best that they can, which means they won't have a powerful effect on the branding of your company. As a result, your business could suffer and you could fail to secure as much business as possible. With that said, we will now look at a few tips that will ensure you create the best business cards as well as a few printing guidelines to remember.

      Business Card Printing UK - Choosing the Right Printing Company

      First of all, if you are having your cards designed and printed by the same company, then it is essential that you ask for references and samples of past work by the company. Unfortunately, there are many exceptional printing companies that have poor graphic designers. So, you should become proactive and ask to see specific designs already made by the designer before you hire them. In the event that you’re not satisfied with the quality of the design work, you should definitely hire another designer. It is best to hire a designer that specializes in creating designs for your specific business field. This will ensure they are on point with their designs and they have the experience to turn your vision into reality.

      Next, when it comes to the actual design, it is highly recommended that you use both sides of the business card. Even though it’s cheaper to just print on one side of the card, you will be missing out on an opportunity to sell your business by leaving the other side blank. One side will have the details of your company such as its name, your name, contact details, social media links etc. The other side of the card should have details on the services or products you offer as well as showcase your brand to make it seem more attractive and appealing to consumers.

      Brochure Printing Can Drive Sales

      The text on the business card should be clear and very easy to read. It is essential that you check the copy of the card numerous times to ensure there aren’t any misspellings before you have tens or hundreds printed. Even though this is the job of the designer and printer, it will save you time and money if you personally check the card design before it is sent to be printed. You should also print a few test copies to ensure that all of the words are properly spaced and none are cut off at the border of the card.

      Lastly, the quality of the paper is essential. You should check out as many different samples at the printer to find the best quality possible for your business cards. Remember, these cards showcase your business and brand, which means you definitely don’t want to opt for cheap paper that looks and feels cheap.

      In closing, we have just looked at a couple business card printing tips and guidelines that will definitely help you to get the best business cards possible. So, be sure to put the above advice into action and you’ll definitely get business cards that you’re not only proud of but gives your business the best chance for success.

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